Closed Caption

The Closed Caption, is a system of subtitle transitions via TV signal.

The subtitles objectives is help the hearing impaired, but they also are used in public places that is not possible or not allowed to make some noise ,like restaurants and hospitals.

To the subtitle works, the TV should have this function and must be allowed for the TV viewer, for the option on the instrument. Is exactly for this that is called closed caption: can be on or off, in the time that the viewers want.

Around the world

The United Stated and Canada use this resource and nowadays shows almost 100% of the TV shows with closed caption, even the commercials.

France, England, Spain and Japan are some countries that use closed caption (CC). Since 1993, in the USA, all TVS has subtitle decoders, what makes possible the integration and the access into the information, to 22 million American hearing impaired.


The ShowCase PRO has the whole solution to generation and insertion of Closed Caption, to recorded or live shows.

To our system JOSIE, the operators listen to the shows live and produce the subtitles just in time, with latest less than 3, 4 seconds and the error rate less than 2%.